By joining the Engineers Canada Mobility Register, engineers currently licensed in Canada can use the APEC Engineer and IntPE (Canada) designations to signify that they have met the standard of registration and are prepared to practise engineering internationally. They may also experience faster registration in some international jurisdictions. See member countries of the IPEA and APEC agreements.

Application to the mobility register is free and uses a self-assessment process whereby Canadian professional engineers declare that they meet and will maintain the qualifications to be on the register. To maintain their status on the register, individuals must annually declare that they continue to meet these qualifications.

See a complete list of engineers licensed on the register.

Before you apply…

To qualify for registration on the Engineers Canada Mobility Register, you must:

  • be a licensed engineer with at least one of the 12 Canadian provincial and territorial engineering regulators, and be listed as being in good standing in each jurisdiction in which you are licensed to practise
  • have gained a minimum of seven years of practical engineering experience within the discipline for which you are seeking to be enlisted on the register.
  • have spent at least two of those years in responsible charge of significant engineering work, which is defined as work that requires the exercise of independent engineering judgment, concerning programs and projects that have been substantial in duration, cost, or complexity, and for which the applicant should have been personally accountable for their success or failure.
  • have satisfied and will continue to satisfy the continuing professional development requirements in all jurisdictions in which you practice your area of practice
  • have completed the Engineering Experience and Reference Validation form and have it validated by your professional references.

Applications are usually processed and certificates issued within 4 weeks if all documentation is submitted and is complete. Upon receipt, Engineers Canada will begin processing your application and will only contact you should we require additional information. You will receive your certificate by email at the address provided in your application.


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